Sunday, April 01, 2018

DAY 11 (Part 1) - Teisendorf, Germany to Lake Chiemsee, Germany

19 Dec 2017.. Bye bye HAUS KURTZ.. 

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera..

Marco & family semua tak ada so hubby letak kunci dalam post box je.

Terasa jugak sedih nak tinggalkan homestay ni.. 

The small town

Hope to see you again..

Bye bye

On the way ke destinasi seterusnya..

Hubby tengok map sebelumnya, nampak ada lake lagi yg berdekatan.

Masya Allah... Cantiknya LAKE CHIEMSEE ni..

Chiemsee (German pronunciation: [ˈkiːmzeː]) is a freshwater lake in Bavaria, Germany, near Rosenheim. It is often called "the Bavarian Sea". The rivers Großache and Prien flow into the lake from the south, and the river Alz flows out towards the north. The Alz flows into the Inn which then merges with the Danube. The Chiemsee is divided into the bigger, north section, in the northeast, called Weitsee, and the Inselsee, in the southwest.

The Chiemgau, the region surrounding the Chiemsee, is a famous recreation area.

The Chiemsee was formed, like many other pre-alpine lakes, at the end of the last ice age about 10,000 years ago from a hollow carved out by a glacier (a Zungenbecken). Originally the lake covered an area of almost 240 km2 (93 sq mi), which is about three times its present area. Within 10,000 years its area had shrunk to around 80 km2 (31 sq mi). Before 1904 the water level was lowered by about a metre. As a result, large areas of dry land were reclaimed. (Wikipedia)

Dalam satu jam jugak kami habiskan masa di sini..  

Source : Google Map

Perjalanan pagi tu dalam 40km aje, singgah menikmati alam Ilahi sebelum ke destinasi seterusnya.. Alhamdulillah smooth semuanya...


IRDINA said...

Menariknya! Baca post ni, rasa macam Dina ikut sekali pergi.

m.u.l.a.n said...

Irdina: Thank You singgah sini.. Alhamdulillah smooth trip kami..