Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Owwhh, my fren called yesterday.. Cholestrol 8.4, she's 34 years old. Ouucchh, mine was 7.1 in January. Oohh, where's my medicine..?? Lupa daaa.. And so this morning, off to gym laa.. Huk hak, huk hak.. Yeah, I cant go on diet.. just cant coz I love to eat... and exercise...?? Oso no discipline one..!!

Waahh.. met other frens oso.. Akak2 oso ramai there la.. Bikin malu je si pemalas ini..

But guess I have to start now laa.. Oucchh.. Scared oso.. My fren lost her 20 years old niece, collapsed after she went for daily jog & walk.. Ohh so young..!!

We were in KL last weekend.. So lama tak jalan2 KL.. Orang kampung's trip to KL was great lah, pi bantai makan2..

Been dreaming of eating at Kedai Makan Middle East la konon.. On the way back to Kerteh (from meeting KAK ELLE from Singapore @ Concorde), kami singgah la TARBUSH @ AMPANG POINT.. Alas perot je sebab lunch sudah berat & lambat.. Photos..??? Camera dalam kereta..!!!

Lunch here @ AEON Bukit Tinggi.. Camera..?? Dalam kereta.. 7 weeks tak datang KL, ni je la kami bantai, makan2.. Kat Kerteh limited edition bab2 makan ni.. Bior pon SALEs sana sini, kita isi perot je.. Tak kose nak hurung keramaian & keghairahan sumer kat Pesta SALEs itu..

Nasi Tumpang @ RESTORAN BELANGA, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang.. (Belakang Subang Parade). Mall baru & most of the shops, dari Subang Parade..

Ini lah ropanya Nasi Tumpang.. Unfortunately, out of stock.. Fuyyaahh, everyone ordered this kaa..?? Photos from

Ordered Nasi Ayam, habis.. Porridge oso habis.. Satay oso habis.. OK, no angry one aahh.. New outlet here @ Empire.. And so all of us mintak Nasi Kerabu Daging je laa.. But yes, so the very yummy.. Heard about this place sudah lama berzaman.. Ni baru dapat rasa..

Ohhh.. and the healthy drink.. Goody Goody healthy drink.. Blended celery, cucumber & garlic.. Sodap jugak..