Monday, February 05, 2007


Tak pe la tu, ni nak citee pasal Janet, my friend/neighbour (Chinese Singaporean married to Japanese).

9.15pm - Sabtu malam (tengah nak bloghopping etc..), handphone drriinngggg.. Janet called..

J : "Hey, you not chet (yet) sleep kaaa?"
Me : "No la, internet maa.."
J : "Hey, I'm down la. Can you take care of my children?"
Me : "Sure can laa.. What happened? Why you feel down?"
J : "Not down.. I'm drunk maa. My husband also drunk. My husband's company got dinner. I drink a lot leyy.."
Me : "Where are your kids? Are they at home?"
J : "No lah, with me here." (Yeah.. I could hear the childrens shouting etc...)
Me : "Where are you now?"
J : "On my way back leyy.. in the car."
Me : "OK then, when you reach home, call me. I'll help you to put them to sleep later."
J : "OK, thank you aaaa..."
Me : "No problem leyy.."

Tunggu punya tunggu sampai pukul 10 malam, takde jugak Janet call. Alih2 intai dari balcony kami, tengok lampu bilik air master bedroom dia dah terang. But the whole house dah gelap. Pi jengok kat luar rumah dia, diam je, takde pun bunyi Masahiro, Yosuke & Nayu terjerit2 lagi. "Aahhh.. call la". Called her handphone takde jawab, call rumah pun takde angkat. Pengsan la tu. Normally Saturday nights, kami stay up la nonton TV etc. Kesian nak ting tong rumah dia, biar je la kot depa memang dah tido.

Bangun pagi semalam, Ahad.. "eh eh, nak call la Janet ni, camne la agaknya". Actually I was quite worried because of a tragic incident last weekend. It involved our Filipino friend, Joy... when her husband Bruce (British) passed away last Sunday. He came back very very drunk at 10pm. Joy had to call the security guards to get him out of the car. Left him on the floor as always kalau balik mabuk, and went to sleep. Joy came downstairs to check on him at 3am but was so surprised to find blood in his mouth, not breathing, his body was cold and called the ambulance at once. He was pronounced dead after 30 minutes taken into the Emergency Room.

All of us was so astonished when we heard the news. They have 4 children, 8-19 years old. Joy is a housewife, like most of the ladies here. Joy had to do evrything by herself as Bruce's mother has been ill due to an operation she went through last month. Bruce's only sibling, his sister has to take care of their mother and couldnt make a journey to Vietnam for the prayers, cremation, funeral etc. But she is fortunate to have so many friends here to help. Her husband's company is also helping them in everything from settling things in the hospital, claiming the body, creamation procedures etc...

Glad that their company allows them to stay until the school ends in June for Summer break. They will move back to UK as they bought a house there. Huhh.. I'm gonna miss another friend again. Yansin left us last month. Jillian moved to Laos last October. Puan Thaha will be based in Sudan (hubby promoted as Ambassador).  

Haaahh.. balik ke cite Janet.. called her at home yesterday (Sunday) morning..
Me : "Janet!!! Are you OK now?"
J : "Yeah, yeah... I'm OK. Why?"
Me : "You told me that you'd call me once you got home last night. Why didnt you call?"
J : "Haahhh?? I called you aaaa... no la.. wait, wait I check my handphone aaaa..."
Me : "Hahhh.. amoi ni betul la.. takkan lupa kot.."
J : "Heyy... yorr lorr... why I call you aaaa. I went out for dinner. I was drunk you know. But my husband not drunk maaa.."
Me : "Aiiiyyaaaa... you ask me to take care of your children. You told me you're drunk. So I said ok la... but call me when you got home."
J : "Hor lor... I got back and vomit leyy.. then I sleep on the sofa. But my husband not drunk. He take care of the children. Haiiyaaa... how come I call u maaa?"
Me : "Haaa.. good la. That means I'm your good friend laaa.. Mabuk also can call me."
J : "Yor lor... the company asked him to join the dinner. I told him not to drink a lot because he's old already loorr.. 45 already. Scared he mati like the Brit.."
Me : "See... you love your husband maaaa... so charming2 now ley.."
J : "How come I call you haaa??"
Me : "Never mind la. You can call me anytime. Last time you help me also whaaattt.. must help each other lorr.."
J : "Yor loorrr.. now Yansin not here anymore.. we need each other leeyy.. correct..correct.. Haiiyyaaaa.. paisey (malu) loorrr.."
Me : "Dont be laaaa..."

Kah kah kah.... berdekah2 kami gelak sakan. Petang tu masa budak2 main depan rumah pun kami gelak lagi.... tapi Janet ni memang kelakar, very helpful too. Selalu ada je cite lucu esp pasal MIL dia di Jepun tu. Dah le she's so young at age kalau compare dengan husband dia, Asao tu, saiz badan pulak slightly taller than the husband. Kami meriah kat area sini sebab budak2 selalu main depan rumah ramai2. Bising pun tak kisah, petang je la. Sama la suara mak2 berborak hingai bingai petang2 sambil minum kopi & apa2 makanan yang ada. Ni tak cite dengan Kak Mai lagi, sure berderai la gelak nanti.... I just can't imagine, life here esp in the afternoon... without our sweet girlfriend, Janet.