Sunday, July 22, 2007


Will fly today to KL, 11.00 am flight. Please pray for my safe trip & could hardly wait to makan bagai nak rak...!!!! Dunno how long will be away from Vietnam.. hubby few days je.. me & kids, hubby kata up to we all, but kids definitely wont like it to be apart from daddy.. Hope they can make it few more days without daddy.. Tolong la mak awak ni..!!

Friday, July 6, 2007


Alhamdulillah & Insyaallah....
will fly to Melbourne tonite, come back on 17 July..
Things that happened earlier, ie for the past 2 weeks :-

1- Hubby's 2 weeks leave approved but ada 1 week gap in between.. Takpe lah.. (Me happy)
2- Headache pikir camna nak balik Malaysia, visit family members from both side and pi holiday at the same time, not enuf time kan.. (Me become dizzy)
3- Vietnam Airline promotion to Melbourne (baru fly tu), so we booked.. and wait and wait.. (Me think so messy)
4- Managed to get tickets on Monday as now is winter holiday in Oz and Summer Holiday for the kids as well.. (Me think all cannot come easy)
5- Hubby asked me to plan the itinerary for the trip (Me cannot say I'm busy)
6- I was hooked to internet... Looking for hotels, car for rent, applying Visa online, looking for attractions & plan the journey. (Me become like travel agency)
7- Shopping sikit2 winter clothings for kids. Mak bapak depa ada stock lama masa di Korea dulu. But beli la jugak coz here murah gila. Kilang North Face & Columbia ada sini. (Me see hubby wanna shopping like crazy)
8- Me now wanna say please pray for our safe trip, happiness & rahmat Allah.. (Me now packing & busy)..