Monday, April 23, 2007


Crying 2 Crying 2 Crying 2

Aduuuss.. memang tak de mood nak update blog etc... Macam2 dalam benak otak ni.. Macamana lah yang ni, macamana lah yang itu, camna lah nak settle yang ini, yang itu. Banyak pulak hal dalam satu masa.. Hhmmm.. sudah lah.. ada rahmat nya kot. Saya percaya pada Qada' & Qadar dan juga pada rezeki Allah (tapi saya manusia, sedikit sebanyak tak dapat lari dari perasaan sedih, geram). Forget about it lah. Let's talk about something useful, knowledgeable...
Introduction, about Mind Maps... as reviewed by Greg Dixon in his website...

Mind maps were developed in the late 60s by Tony Buzan as a way of helping students make notes that used only key words and images. They are much quicker to make, and because of their visual quality much easier to remember and review. The non-linear nature of mind maps makes it easy to link and cross-reference different elements of the map.
Tony and Barry Buzan have explored a powerful way of expressing thoughts called Mind Mapping. The basic technique is to combine lines, text, and images to represent related ideas and concepts. The Mind Map Book presents detailed descriptions of how to use a wide range of Mind Mapping techniques to a myriad of uses.
Some applications of Mind Mapping include: Making Choices, Organizing Your Own Ideas, Organizing Other Peoples Ideas, Memory, Creative Thinking, The Group Mind Map, Self-Analysis, Problem-Solving, The Mind Map Diary, Family Study and Story Telling, Educational Thinking, Teaching, The Master Mind Map, Business and Professional Meetings, Presentations The book is full of mind-maps created by individuals,
including the following as above...
Tony Buzan was here in Ho Chi Minh City 2 weeks ago and hubby got the opportunity to attend his talk on Mind Maps etc... and he bought us (me & kids) these books.."You baca la.. (Brain Child~How Smart Parents Make Smart Kids).. Bagus tau.." Adooii... bab2 membaca ni lately susah sikit.. halfway mesti kantoi.. kkrrrr... ngantuk.. kopi pun tak jalan.. Malas jugak sebenarnya sebab baru gila & addicted to Sudoku.. "OK je la kan... dia dah beli.."
Sekarang ni kedai buku penuh dengan buku2 Tony Buzan & Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup tu)..
siap diterjemah ke bahasa Vietnam lagi (secara haram la tu)

He he.. dah start baca sikit, rasa macam sebahagian teori & praktikal yang disebut dalam buku tu sedang dilaksanakan melalui sistem pembelajaran di sekolah Zharif di sini..

Ahh.. ni yang sakit sikit.. nampak tak perkataan yang saya bulatkan tu?
"BE A ROCK....." bila anak2 meragam... yang kecik2 tak apa la jugak, tapi kalau yang besar tu, eeiiiyyyy ada yang kena piat nanti.... kot tak kena time tu, kena la nanti kat rumah.. haaaahhh jaga..!!! Teringat pulak kisah seorang kawan yang mencubit (secara tersembunyi) anak lelaki nya berusia 8 tahun yang berkelakuan agak nakal pada satu majlis makan-makan...
"Ibu...!!! You are so rude to pinch me like that..!!!"
Semua terkedu seribu bahasa....suasana sunyi seketika..
"Sudah lah tu Har, budak2 memang camtu," sapa seorang teman..
Aiikk... dia punya bengang... terus turun ke dapur tuan rumah..
memang setelah semua tetamu siap makan, dia telah pun tiada...

Friday, April 13, 2007


Waiting for the boat.. (sama sesak dengan mak2 nya pun)..

"Waaaahhh.. my dream ship.. (in your dream..).."

Putting on the life jackets..

Zharif & Najmi..

Tourist Boat "Bonsai Cruise".. at the jetty..

Posing sat....

Zharif & Tijn..

Cruising at Saigon Port area..

The "Asean Lady" cruise ship, macam catamaran je.. sape la punya tu???

Another huge cruise ship spotted at Saigon Port..

Ho Chi Minh City from the boat..


The Term 4 theme for Grade 1 students is all about sea transport... and last Wednesday, I joined Zharif and all the Grade 1 students with other Mums who volunteered for the field trip to Saigon River to view all kind of sea transport and the activities that take part along the river.

The Saigon River is a river located in southern Vietnam that rises near Phum Daung in southeastern Cambodia, and flows south and south-southeast for about 140 miles (225 km) to the Mekong Delta.

The Saigon River is joined 18 miles (29 km) northeast of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly named Saigon) by the Dong Nai River, and just above Ho Chi Minh City it is joined by the Ben Cat River. Saigon River is important to Ho Chi Minh City as it is the main water supply as well as the host of Saigon Port, which a total cargo volume load/outloaded of more than 35 million metric tons in 2006.

Monday, April 9, 2007


So here's the cake..for Marsha's 4th birthday party in school..
(wondering why the teacher put the candles between S & H)

She was so surprised when I brought in the cake to her classroom..

Shyly cutting the cake..

Fuuhhhh.... I couldn't surf the net last week due to blackouts the whole week last week. There's been short in power supply due to yearly maintenance at the power plant. I was lucky enough to surf when the compound's generator was at the fullest capasity... pprrggghhh!!!

Marsha was born on the 28th of March 2003. She's 4 years old now. Her birthday was during the 1 week Spring school break. Couldn't organized a party for her because I'd be in helter-skelter as Zharif's birthday's also approaching soon. 5 weeks gap for both. Marsha's teacher keeps calling me, asking about Marsha's birthday and I decided to have a small party for her, with classmates only in the classroom. I thought of getting a cake at the bakery (due to laziness bla bla bla..) but hubby said that the kids won't be having fun eating the creamy, greasy & pricy cake compared to my colorful, chocolaty & cheap (???) cake. Huuuuhhhh....

I'm planning to have the party in May (with more organised food, not the party/event... he he..) and hope that I might be able to gather all Malaysians ladies as well (can't do it alone, might have to bribe my crony). It has been so long since we had Malaysian Ladies get-together or potlucks. 

Monday, April 2, 2007


Kids have gone to school, the 1 week break's over and I can LEPAK..!!!! Mak ooiii... seminggu macam sebulan. Hubby had to go to plant and takde kereta nak ronda2. Actually nak hop2 rumah kawan pun tak boleh sebab ramai cabut keluar dari Saigon ni. Mana nak pi lagi, balik2 the same places. Yang sakitnya, the Term 3 break for all International Schools here tak sama masa & haribulannya. So.. nak organize activity pun susah. Other schools just started their Spring Break today. But luckily ada invitation for birthday parties & managed to take them to Dam Sen Park (local Theme Park) and experience some fun there.. walaupun (bak kata Kak Mai.. tak waras sikit)..
Hari2 di rumah tu jangan cite lah anak beranak mandi lepas lunch. Perang dunia, nasib neighbour2 lain pi keje. Sure kena soundnya kalau depa ada rumah. Berebut TV la, computer la. Habis mak & anak2 pun berebut la. Mana taknya, cite drama Korea habis terlepas camtu je. Sini kami dapat 4 Korean Channels. Drama2 semuanya yang latest punya. Living in Korea for 10 months dulu, boleh la faham sikit2 bahasa dia. But 2 channels here, Arirang & KBS ada English subtitle. OK la sikit, boleh jiwang2 sikit. Nak bukak blog toksah cite, kita tengok TV, depa nak tengok TV. Kita nak surf internet, depa nak main games... sabor je la..
Zharif ada jugak school project but tak sempat amik gambar. Kena buat model Sea Creature. Tapi kejap je buat tu. Zharif chose to make an Octopus.

At Gracie's birthday party, with Nicholas & Michael..

Another close friend's birthday party (BEN), with Tijn and Koen..

Helping BEN with the newspaper Warrior Suit!!

Enjoying the pizzas, which they made (sendiri2 la..) earlier, alaaa.. tabur2 cheese & spread sauce tu la..

Boat ride at Dam Sen Park. Kena tutup hidung masing2. Antara kes2 yang tak waras di Vietnam (mereka2 ini buang hasil toksid badan di merata2 tempat!)

Yang ni enjoy.. Winter Room... with ice carved models.. Mini Great Wall of China ada, Pagoda ada..

Another shot taken at the Winter Room..