Saturday, June 16, 2007


What a surprise..!!!! Went to Somerset Apt to get my beef & chicken.. I ran into Kanae Nakamura, my Japanese fren, who left us to join her husband in Manila.. together with her kids.. one of them Syuntaro, was Zharif's classmate in school..

Later in the afternoon, we bid farewell to another Japanese fren & neighbour, Magumi who will be flying back to Japan after 4 years in Ho Chi Minh City..

Zharif will definitely miss Katzuki..


penDragon said...

Bila ni? Best nama classmate Zharif tu, Syuntaro...Baru puas tgk wajah cun Mulan tanpa spek mate besor..

Joy said...

haah..dah kenal dah cik puan mulan kita ;)